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westcoastswing's Journal

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This is a community for all you west coast cats and kittens to come together in the name of swing. Post about bands, upcomming shows and tours, and you're crazy swing style. The community is based around the west coast, but all are welcome here. Jump n' jive, America.
acme swing company, baritone sax, baritones, big bad voodoo daddy, brian evans, brian setzer orchestra, brown derby junction, buffalo billy's, cornets, dem brooklyn bums, doc scanlon's rhythm boys, drums, honkin hepcats, hot club of cowtown, keyboard, king memphis, lee press on nails, lex and joe, mcnares mystic theater, money plays eight molten, moonlight swing, one o'clock jump, piano, royal crown revue, saxophones, string bass, swingadelic, swingerhead, swingwood revue, symphonic swing, the cherry poppin' daddies, the mood elevators, the swing legacy, the swing molestics, the swingin' deacons, the swingtips, tity boom swing band, toni lynn washington band, torello's jive bugs, trumpets