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Goodman The God.

Henderson's arrangements (with the help of a flourishing radio broadcast industry) are credited with helping sweep the Goodman band to national popularity the following year at the finish of an apparently unsuccessful cross-country tour in California.

As it turned out, the radio broadcasts of the tour were scheduled too late for people in the east and midwest. On the west coast, however, the broadcasts gained a devoted audience who, surprising the band, swarmed its final concerts. And it was with Benny Goodman that the swing big band boom began, and our narrative on jazz draws to a close.

After Goodman's dramatic success ignited the big band craze, excellent musicians who had been working as sidemen for other bands found encouragement to start their own bands. Bands led by the Dorseys, Glenn Miller, Bunny Berrigan, Lionel Hampton, Harry James, and Gene Krupa sprang into being. Also at this time Count Basie's band came to New York from its original home in Kansas City.

With big band swing music in full flower, it was only logical that jitterbug dancing should also rocket to national popularity, which it did.
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